A private yoga class provides the perfect opportunity for us to work together to focus on the unique requirements of your body and energy. Together we can explore what works for you and maximise your potential. Individual sessions are ideal for individual needs.

Private sessions are designed exclusively for your level of experience and the issues you wish to address. They may be appropriate if:

  • You are new to yoga and would prefer to begin in a private setting rather than a classroom. If it’s ultimately your intention to attend yoga classes, we can work towards that goal.

  • You are experienced in your yoga practice and would like to broaden a particular category of poses, or overcome specific challenges.

  • You have chronic pain or an injury. Students often attend classes in conjunction with private yoga sessions to refine their alignment details in order to heal through the practice of yoga.

  • You are interested in developing a safe, effective home practice.

  • Your schedule makes it difficult to get to class. We all go through periods where it’s not possible to attend classes at the gym or studio. Scheduling a private session during a busy time can help you through an especially stressful time and stay on track with your practice.

My private sessions work around your schedule with the convenience of either practicing in your home or office. I can even work with small groups of up to 4 people if you have the space to share the cost.

Please get in touch at info@catcowyoga.co.uk for prices and availability and we can speak soon to discuss further.